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Are you looking for someone reputable to come and get your car moving or haul it away to a specific destination can cause quite a headache, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you have me! Just dial the number of my company, Woo's Towing Service, and I’ll take care of your vehicle! I’m the best there is in the Cranston, RI area!

My Services

Towing Services

Towing Services

I am a person who offers impeccable quality towing and recovery because I've trained to be that good! When you need me, call and tell me the destination - the rest will be on me! I'll get to you as quickly as possible and take it to a specified destination. I won't waste time or fill your head with useless information - I'll do my job!
Impound Vehicles Storage

Impound Vehicles Storage

I have a place area where I can keep impounded cars for convenience! If you're looking for someone who will offer you a good deal and keep the impounded vehicle safe and in one place - you're looking for me! I'm in the neighborhood, and you can always call to see what's happening with it - I'll keep a watchful eye!
Junk Cars Purchase

Junk Cars Purchase

Are you ready to get that beat-up junk car off your property and hand it to someone else? Well, great, because I'm here to buy it from you! You don't need to look for other buyers - I'm interested. I collect junk cars all the time. People feel it's simple to work with me because I don't make a fuss - I buy it and haul it away, so you don't have to deal with it!
Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

My roadside car service caters to those who don't have the means to repair their car and get it moving again! If you need a jumpstart - I'll be there for you! I am also great at dealing with lockouts because every once in a while, you could lock yourself out by accident, and you're going to need me to get you back in! I'll help you out in the middle of nowhere!
Cargo Service

Cargo Service

I have extended my services a little and offer cargo services. That means I can transport commodities, merchandise, goods, and cargo wherever you need them! That's what makes my services stand out. I like serving people every way I can, and I believe offering to transport such important things will impress all of you!

Care For Yourself the Smart Way

There are certain moments in life when you’re not in a rush – you can comfortably wait for someone to come to offer their service. Or you can spend hours trying to do something on your own. That’s all great, but there are also moments where you can’t waste one more minute trying to learn something, or you need someone to come and do something for you, and you need it to happen. If you require quick roadside assistance or someone to help with your car – call a professional!

Hire a Contractor With Experience

Would you enjoy it if you got stuck somewhere and needed fast and skilled help, yet you called someone who doesn’t have the experience to maneuver through traffic or get your car moving? Who would call such a person? That’s why I didn’t want to be that way, not even for a minute, so I worked hard every day since starting my company and drove hours on end through traffic, so I could be someone reliable to call in an emergency!

Call Woo's Towing Service and request me and my affordable towing service! You must not panic if you are in trouble because I’ll be there to help you out! Whether it’s assistance on the road or getting somewhere when your car has broken down – I have tools, equipment, and skills to get you any place you want in Cranston, RI and ensure everything is all right with your car!

Client's Testimonial

What they`re Saying About Woo's Towing Service`s Work

by Natalie Kerr on Woo's Towing Service
Perfect Roadside Car Service!

I've decided I'm never going to need a roadside car service from anyone else because this guy is incredible! He is quick on his feet, his mind works ten times faster than anyone else I've called for help, and I am always back on the road in no time! My car is old, you understand, and it breaks down a lot, yet every time, he repairs it right on the spot!

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